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Mable Lake (fixed the boat then broke it)

My buddy Ned from Canmore Alberta invited me out to Mabel Lake BC in August. There was a whole gaggle of us out on a secluded beach on a lake, ripping around in a shaky old boat. There is no camera on earth that could capture how much liquor this guy and myself consumed. We were both a hair away, on multiple occasions throughout the weekend, from losing our girlfriends. And for good reason. We were being horrible. Horrible but enjoying the fuck out of ourselves.

Managed to survive wake skating in a thunder and lightning storm. Just flippin the bird to Thor and shralping the wake. Always nice to be back on solid ground though.

Ned is probably 15 beer deep in this photo, no joke, and he was going for spins over the wake. If you've never had the pleasure of taking a serious spill on a wake board, it's like getting water-boarded with a fire hose. Your face is slammed into the water at an incredible rate. When you're sauced up the effect is usually worse. Although you tend not to think so until it happens and you have every orifice on your face filled with high pressure water.

What a beauty. I THINK this is just before or just after we broke the boat. Earlier in the day the boat was on the fritz and wouldn't start. Half of the posse decided to go mountain biking, while Ned and I put our heads to drinking, and tinkering with the boat. We tried just about everything besides taking apart the starter itself. We had all but given up when I suggested to Ned to take a closer look at the top end, maybe think outside of the starter issue. This led Ned to take the relay apart (this is a switch that takes the power from the battery and directs it at the starter when you turn the ignition). The relay is the "relay" between the battery and the starter. When Ned took the switch off and taped the two ends of the switch together, I tried the ignition and the old girl fired right up.

Well you should have the two of us, dancing a jig and feeling about as proud as Paul Revere. We had fixed the boat and saved the day. One more day of wake skating and bullshitting. Ned put the cover on the engine and away we went, foaming beers spraying into our face as we tried to drink them at 16mph.

Note to self: never leave an engine relay taped closed, as this results in the starter and the battery getting fried.

Within seconds the wind was completely out our shitty liquored up sails. From the smell of melthing plastic we knew right away that we just made a small problem a lot worse. We had turned a 20$ relay replacement into a new relay, a new starter, and a new batter. WAYYYYYY more than 20$. To top it off we had to get a tow back to the beach then paddle the boat up to the shore, right in front of our ladies.

Fuck though we had her fixed to begin with so I'd say that's still a win.

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This blog is intended to be a unfiltered, unadulterated, narrative non-fiction of my experiences. The opinions and stories expressed here may not always be tasteful or even fair, but they will always be true. If it's a greasy story I will make an attempt to hide someone's identity. But be fairly warned: if we are getting greased together, then everything that goes down is fair game for this blog. Everything else will depend on how well I remember it and how, or if, I can tie it back into a decent enough story worth writing about. Whatever happens I promise to try and keep this blog interesting, relevant and up to date.


"If I go, I'm going out shameless"

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