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Album Review: The Darcy's "Endless Water"



A review of The Darcy's debut album

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Album Review: Folds of Policy "Paradigm City"


A review of Folds of Policy's third album "Paradigm City"

Festival Review: Halifax Pop Explosion


Review of opening shows from the Halifax Pop Explosion: Laura Peek, The Besnard Lakes

Showcase Review: Arts and Crafts, Halifax Pop Explosion


Review of the Arts & Crafts Showcase concert at the Halifax Pop Explosion: Grand Theft Bus, Young Galaxy, The Most Serene Republic, Apostle of Hustle

Multiple Album Reviews


Multiple Albums reviews from November 2009: Baby Shambles "Shotters Nation", The Dry Heeves "420", Arrested Development "Since the Last Time", The Cansecos "Juices", Active Planet "Urban Hustle"

Concert Review: Cuff the Duke


Review of Cuff the Dukes Grawood Show

Movie Review: Kurt Cobain About a Son


A review of AJ Schnack's impressionistic film about Kurt Cobain.

Exhibit Review: Marilyn: Forever Blonde


A review of Marilyn: Forever Blonde, a theatre show about the late actress and pop icon.

Theatre Review: Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe


A review of the Marilyn Monroe art exhibit while on display at the Nova Scotia Art gallery.

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