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My first trip to California. From touring around Lake Tahoe to attending a taping of The Price Is Right.


My first of many experiences travelling to Montreal to partake in the music and art festival.

Celtic Colours

A story about a hectic road trip with my best friend and my brother, around Cape Breton's sceneic Cabot Trail, during the iconic Celtic Colours music festival.

Shinerama Golf Tournament

The experience of playing in the annual Dalhousie Shinerama Charity golf event at Fox Hollow Golf Course in Shubenacadie Nova Scotia.

Kite Boarding Champsionships

My experience covering the 2009 World Kite Boarding Champsionships in Summerside Prince Edward Island. An indepth look into the sport as viewed by someone on the outside.

Karate Kicks Off

A look at Tony Tam, the man behind Dalhousie's Karate Club and it's 30 years of history.

The Science of Cool


A feature on Dalhousie's Life Sciences Centre, an eerie building designed by troubled architect Raymend Tait Affleck, shortly  before his suicide.

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

A review of the "Arctic Adventure" exhibit at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

Jawbone Surgery

My experience with having periodental surgery, without the use of anesthetics.

Cuff the Duke

After a string of bad luck I finally succeed in seeing Cuff the Duke.

The Foiled Sport


A feature on the Dalhousie fencing club

Dalhousie Rugby Team 142 Years Young


A feature on Dalhousie's Rugby team, one of the universities oldest and most successful teams.

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